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Once upon a time, there was a young woman. She was good-looking girl with (e/c) eyes and lovely (h/c) hair. She was known around the city as the girl with the bike. She made a good reputation as being the fastest cyclists around. In her high school years, she loved nothing more than to drag race, play chicken, and be absolutely reckless with her life and her bike. In fact, when she was still active, many gave her the nickname Riding Hood, because of red jacket and helmet she used to wear was the only thing that bikers saw in the night. Even when she got out of school she became something of a legend and still dragged from time to time in neighboring cities. However, that all stopped when her grandpa died from illness. They were close, he was her mechanic, he taught her how to upgrade her old bike, and fiddled with things to make it the fast thing on the road. Since then, she settled down. She became a high end delivery woman, with the task of delivering high end and expensive cargo to private collectors in safest and fastest way. She had a reputation of getting things there fast and on time and she loved it. But the main thing it did was keep her close to the city. She needed to be close because her grandma lived close and it was easier for her to visit every other day. Ever since Grandpa died, she had no one but her to keep her company and Grandma was nice and love her granddaughter dearly.

“_________ is that you?”

“Yep! How are you feeling Grandma?”

“Oh dear, I had better days. You’re coming over to visit me right?”

“Of course! I made you a basket of things so you’ll feel a little better! I also got the ingredients to make some homemade lobster bisque for you,”

“You really know how to make an old woman feel special!” then she had a coughing fit. She didn’t like the sound of that cough, not one bit.

“What did the doctor say about your cough?”

“It’s a little of an infection but nothing that an antibiotic can’t clear up! I’ll wait until you get here to get my medicine. You’re coming right over?”

“Yep! Just finishing things up,”

“Okay sweetie but please be careful! That convict, the Wolf, has been prowling around lately! I don’t know if he’s escape prison or on parole but I wouldn’t want him to hurt you!”

“Don’t worry! I’ll be okay! You just stay in bed and get better!” she went downstairs and loaded her basket for Grandma. It was a nice goodie basket of all of her favorite foods, hobbies, and of course a few old time movies of years past. She got went outside, puts on her (f/c) helmet, got on her motorcycle. It was an old Brough Superior, she restored it herself when she was in high school. It was her pride and join. She strapped the basket securely and took off towards her Grandma’s house. It was a lovely day. It was so nice and warm out. Maybe if she was feeling better, she’ll get Grandma to sit on the porch and get some air. Country air never harmed anyone. She made it to the city limits, towards the country. While she drove, she noticed another bike was following her. She was used to this. There was one more signal before there was nothing but a long stretch of road leading to the woods. She stopped at it and so did the other cyclist. She turned. She couldn’t see his face.  He was wearing a black helmet with a visor. The other cyclist looked at her and grinds his gears. She smirked and did the same. This was an international signal of a race. She hadn’t raced in years but she would never step down from a challenge.

They wait until the light changed and took off. They were neck and neck with each other. She puts it into medium gear and managed to pass him. She grinned in satisfaction and looked back. He was kilometers behind. She was a bit sad, she was really hoping for a challenge. Then, a blur passed her. She quickly kicked things into high gear and took off fast. They were both blurs on the road now. It soon became a game of risk as they wove in and out of traffic, dodged cars, dodged trucks, and even big rigs coming at them. Nothing she could do would shake him but she also found him slight behind her, where he should be but sometimes right in front. She decided to do an old move that she hadn’t done since high school. She wanted until she moving ramp, there was always one around and sure enough one appeared. She sped towards it, leapt on it went soaring into the sky. She landed feet from him and at the next signal, ending their race. She gestured to him a roadhouse. She had to meet the man that almost bested her. She slowed down into the lot and took off her helmet and waited. The other cyclist soon approached.

He got off his bike. She stared. He took off his helmet and ruffled his hair. He was a tall blond with scruffy hair and purple eyes. He smirked and looked at her. She flushed despite herself. She got a better look at his face. He had a deep scar on his cheek and it creased when he smirked.

“Not bad, you know your way around a bike, Kätzchen,”

“Have to be, it’s my hobby to leave men in the dust,” she winked.

“Ooh, a smart ass. I like that. So tell me, where are ya headed?”

“To my grandma’s house, she’s sick so I’m going to make her feel better,” she said.

“Where does she live? Didn’t know that Grannys lived around the middle of nowhere,”

“Well, she doesn’t really like the city and she didn’t want to live in a home and my home is too small for us, so she opted to live in a cabin she and Grandpa built and retired in. When he died, it was just her so I visit so she won’t be too lonely,”

“I see, you know what, there’s a teashop not too far from here and it sells herbal teas and shit. Tell them your grandma’s symptoms and they’ll make something nice for her,”

“Really?! She loves tea! Thanks, umm?”


“I’m ________,”

“Well, Kätzchen, maybe I’ll see you around,” he got closer, closing the gap between him and her, “and you can show me more of that cute ass of yours,” she blushed but came closer to him until their faces were just inches from each other. He smirked. He loved where this was going. She gently whispered into his ear.

“You might, but until then, you can eat my dust,” she pulled his hat over his eyes, hopped on her cycle and sped off. He was dumbfounded. She snuck up on him and got away. First chick to do that in years. He smirked and decided to pay the old woman a visit. Little did she know, he had a large tattoo of a wolf on his bicep that was covered by his leather jacket.

Lutz arrived at the house way before __________. It shouldn’t be too hard to grab and his way with her as soon as she dropped off the basket. He found the woman alluring, sexy, and she had very nice backside that he couldn’t wait to spank. That was when he saw something unusual. She said her grandma lived alone in the woods but there were two cars near the house. He slowly approached and looked inside a window. There was an elderly woman in there being terrorized by two men. He glared. He knew he was an ex con but there was shit he didn’t do and terrorizing old people was one of those things. He smirked and knocked on the door, softly. If it was soft, they wouldn’t send the old woman out to see who it was. Then he mimicked a little kid’s voice.

“Girl scout cookies!” that should do it. They wanted to get rid of the kid fast. A man answered the door. He was met with a German made iron fist. He fell back into the house. The other man had a weapon at the old woman. He went at Lutz instinctively. He grabbed the man’s wrist and pulled the weapon away. He then slammed him into a coffee table. The man struggled to get up as he smashed his face with his boot. The punched man got up and went after him.

“Here!” Grandma passed him a cast iron pan. Lutz smacked him across the face, knocking him out. He tied the pair up with the rope he had.

“You got a cellar or something, Granny?”

“Yes, this way,” she ushered him to basement. He shoved them downstairs and locked the door. He panted then suddenly felt something tiny on his arm.

“Oh thank you young man!” said the old woman hugging him. She coughed. She really was sick. He cringed. He didn’t like seeing old people like this.

“Umm yeah, you okay?”

“Yes now that you helped me!” he rubbed the back of his neck.

“Want me to stick around or something?”

“Actually I’m fine; my granddaughter is on her way actually! I don’t want her to get here thinking something happened. Do you mind staying here and waiting? I,” she coughs again, “to pick up my medicine and I’ll get the ranger to deal with those hooligans,”

“Okay,” he said. He sighed to himself, wondering how the hell he got into this mess.

“She’s about your age with (h/c) hair and (e/c) eyes and her name is __________ but I love to call her my (embarrassing pet name). She has a motorcycle. I won’t be long and thank you so much again,” he waited until she left to decide to a little fun. He grabbed a large blanket and draped it over the bed. He hunkered down into the large, overstuffed blanket. Just as he hid himself a bit, he heard __________’s motorcycle pull into the driveway. She gently knocked on the door.


“Come in,” said Lutz in his most raspy female voice.

“Ooh, Gran you sound awful,”

“Live long enough young’un!” she giggled and closed the door.

“Wow, good thing I came, your things are scattered everything,” she started to tidy a bit. Lutz raised up a bit. Her hot badonk was staring at him. He resisted the urge to grab it. He plopped back down when he saw her put her basket on the bed.

“What happened in here? Is everything okay? How are you feeling?”

“A bit better, (embarrassing name). Oh, the mess, a dog ran in here earlier and messed everything. I was hoping you help me tidy up a bit. How was your ride?”

“Not bad! I met this strange man today,”

“Was he cute?” he saw her blush a bit, “Come on sweetie,”

“Kind of, he told me where I could get you some nice herbal tea. I just gave them your symptoms and viola! I’ll put the kettle on for you,” he rises up again and watches her making tea, “I hadn’t seen that Wolf guy you were talking about. I think he’s just an ex con, they would had it all over the news if he was an escapee or something. Anyway,” she went over and pecked her cheek. The urge to grab was too great. He was about to when the kettle whistled, “I hope you like this tea. It looked okay and smelt okay but you know how herbal tea can be. Here you go,” he stuck out an arm to take it.

“Thank you,”

“Wow Grandma, what hairy arms you have!”

“Oh, it’s the medicine I’m taking, dear. The side effects are terrible,” he sat up to drink the tea. She recoiled.

“Grandma, you look kind of mannish!”

“It’s the medicine my dear,” that was when she noticed his large hand.

“Don’t tell me those beefy hands are a result of the medicine!” Lutz rose up and grabbed her in between them. She screamed and struggled as Lutz held her tightly in place, “Get off me! You’re squeezing me you idiot!” she struggled and batted him away. He chuckled as her attempts, “What did you do to my Grandma! I’ll kill you if you did anything!”

“Cool your tits, she’s fine. She went to get her medicine and told me to keep an eye out,”

“How can I trust you?!”

“You don’t have a choice,” she glared and that was she heard cars grinding to a haul outside. Lutz lets her go and both went to the window. Two cars filled with men leapt out of the car with bats, chains, and knives, “Fuck! I didn’t check to see if those assholes had a phone or anything!”

“What are you talking about?!”

“I’ll explain later. Can you fight?”

“Give me a weapon,”

“You’re my kind of chick,” She went into the closet and took out an aluminum bat and he took out a chain. They opened the door and came out fighting.  

Huntsman was the toughest, no nonsense sheriff in the county. His motto was toughness, fairness, and keeping the law. He was surprised when Grandma came and reported some thugs can come to her house and tried to rob her. He immediately got her into his car and headed towards the scene. He fussed with for a few moments why she got her medicine first before reporting the crime. She insisted that it was okay because “a nice young man helped her and they’re tied in her basement”. He sighed scolded her for being too trusting. When they approached the house, they were greeted with a very interesting sight. A bunch of thugs were lying in a heap on the floor, battered and bruised with _________ and the Wolf sitting on the car looking at the carnage around them.

“What the hell happened here?!” Huntsman and _______ had a history with each other. He was a rookie when she was in high school and was the only biker who ever eluded him. He hated to admit that she bested him and often harassed her to get something on her just to reclaim his pride, “Well, well, well if it isn’t Riding Hood and the Wolf,”

“Hello Huntsman,” she said cheekily, “No donut shops about?”  

“(Embarrassing name)! You stop that!” she blushed terribly but still glared at him.

“He started it!”

“I can finally book you, sweetheart,”

“On what charge?!”

“Let’s see, assault and battery, accomplice to a convict violating his parole, and let’s see, for being Riding Hood!” she glared. Lutz looked at her.

“She didn’t do anything, I did it,”


“She’s innocent, I got them, not her,”

“No one is arresting anyone!” Grandma said looking at everyone. She poked Huntsman’s chest, “Now look here young man! That young man saved my life! I would have been a goner if he hadn’t taken care of those thugs earlier!”  

“You saved Grandma?” said _________

“Ja,” Grandma pinched his cheeks. He reddened but took it like a man.

“Yes! This sweet young man helped me! If you don’t believe him, look in my basement!” Everyone went to the basement and there were two men down there with some of the evidence still on their person of their crime. When they saw Lutz, they scrambled away. The men confirmed what happened and that they went their thugs to get them and finish the job and take care of Lutz. Huntsman sighed and wrote down her report and called in for back up with the booking. Grandma went back to bed. She had enough excitement for one day. Lutz and ________ joined her inside.

“Grandma, you really shouldn’t open your door to strange people!” she scolded.

“I thought it was you. I was excited and no one hardly visits me,”

“If you like,” said Lutz, “I can install a peek hole for you. That way you’ll be okay,”

“Grandpa was supposed to before he died. You don’t mind do you, young man?”

“I don’t mind,”

“Isn’t he nice, (embarrassing name)! It looks like you already know him. He’s quite handsome isn’t he?”


“I’m just saying…” after a supper of lobster bisque and bread, _________ decided to leave. It was getting late. Lutz decided to stick around and measure the door for the peek hole. She fastened her helmet and puts on her gloves. Before she left, she looked at Lutz and blushed.

“Thanks again for helping my grandma. I don’t know how much I can thank you enough,” she said blushing badly.

“I can think of a way,” he grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss. She kissed back.

“See ya around, Riding Hood” she blushed took off.

A few weeks later, she got a call from Grandma that she was feeling better and wanted her to watch some old movies with her. She came over.

“You made it! I’m so happy! We just finished our game!”


“Yes dear!” inside, Lutz at the round table. He didn’t seem to notice ________ but was protesting at Grandma.

“I don’t know how you did that! I swear you cheated! I spend time in the pen and you still beat me in dominoes!”

“I’ve been playing that game while you were still in the womb,”

“What’s he doing here?”

“(Embarrassing name)! That’s no way to speak to a guest!”

“Sorry but why?!”

“She sort of made me promise to visit,” he grunted.

“He’s been such a great help around the house! He reaches the high things for me, he keeps me company, and all he wants in return is someplace to sleep and meals! He’s welcomed to it!  His parole officer also thought it would be a nice work release program to be a handyman. I called a bunch of friends who live alone and he already has a list of clients! Being a nomad is no way for a young man to start over with his life! Oh, do you two mind if I step out for a moment? What’s a movie without snacks! I’ll only be a minute!” Grandma hurried out the house. ________ and Lutz were alone again. He smirked at her.

“Want a seat?” he spreads his legs open to his lap. She glares and looked catty. He pulled her into her lap and held her tightly in place.

“What are you doing here anyway? Don’t you have someplace to go?”

“Well, I like it here. I’m someplace where people actually need and want me around. I’m wanted and I get to see a pretty face every now and then,” he said grinning, “Besides, with a lot petty thugs around, Grandma needs a bodyguard,”

“True. How can I repay you?”

“Free tomorrow night?”


“I’ll pick you up at seven,”

“Wait, am I going on a date with you?”

“Who said it was a date? I think we’re a perfect pair already,” he nibbled at her neck and earlobe laying sweet kisses all over it, “It’s not every day that I meet my Riding Hood,”
Another request done! :boogie: This one is for :iconhetaliarocksmysoxoff: Enjoy n,n She wanted 2P Germany that's fluffy with no excessive gore n,n There's a little bit of violence but it's not hardcore violence. As always, Enjoy and Forgive the mistakes :goes to do linguistics homework x,x:

I don't own you or Hetalia just the plot.
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Herr Lutz just adds to the sweetness:)
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Hi sweetie! Here's the slight sequel to my Red Riding Hood fic! Enjoy!! silver-kitsuneneko.deviantart.…
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Hi sweetie! Here's the slight sequel to my Red Riding Hood fic! Enjoy!! silver-kitsuneneko.deviantart.…
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Hi sweetie! Here's the slight sequel to my Red Riding Hood fic! Enjoy!! silver-kitsuneneko.deviantart.…
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