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Tom was in trouble. Yes Tom, her good little boy. ________ little quiet baby was in trouble at school and for once it wasn’t his brother. Mrs. Stevens, his teacher, was waiting in the classroom. She wanted to see both parents.

“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Beilschmidt, thank you for meeting with me today. I’m here to discuss Thomas with you,”

“Ja, what is it?” said Lutz looking at his son. He sank lower in his seat.

“It’s nothing serious but it has becoming a bit of a problem. He’s a quiet young man, excellent student and has given me no gray hairs, compared to Franz. But lately, he’s been pinching a certain area,”

“Certain area?”

“Thomas, do you mind, leaving the room for a few moments sweetheart?” Tom looked at his parents and hopped off the chair and scampered outside. Mrs. Stevens looked at them, “He’s been pinching and slapping behinds,”

“W-What?” said _________

“Yes, I know it’s a bit embarrassing but I noticed Franz had the same problem when he was in school but Tom’s a bit worst! He’s been attacking me, the lunch lady, and even a few of the female students. He usually goes after little Sally but sometimes he goes after Daisy and usually when they are wearing pants,” all the while, she listened the teacher telling about her son’s escapades with the rears of all the female women in his school. She didn’t want to look over at Lutz; nothing was going to possess her to. She slowly glanced over at him. He had the grin of pride etched on his face.

“We’ll talk to him when he gets home,”

“Thank you, that’s all we ask,” in the car, ___________ strapped in with Tom securely strapped in the backseat. Lutz drove all the while grinning evilly. At home, the parents talked to their son.

“Tom, sweetie, why are you pinching lady’s bottoms?”  Tom looked down. Mutti looked at him. Her face was stern but gentle. He still looked down not wanting to look her in the eye.

“Because I like butts, Mutti. I don’t know why but I really like them! They’re so cool! Mrs. Stevens  has a nice one but…it’s not as nice as Mrs. Jenkins the lunch lady! Hers is really nice! But none of their as awesome as yours! I like Mutti’s butt! It really nice! ,” _________ face went red. She dragged her hand over her face. She was afraid to look at Lutz but she knew she had to. He had the proudest, most perverted look on her face she’s ever seen. She sighs in defeat, “Lutz, talk to your son about this,” Tom was scared. Lutz waited until _________ was out of sight before grinning at his son. The little boy recoiled.

“Am I in trouble?”

“Nein, nein, it’s…natural for a young man to be interested in women. Especially in this family,”


“Ja, ja, you’re not in trouble but you can’t just go after every butt you see either. Women don’t like when you do that,”

“But you always do things to Mutti’s bottom! You pinch it, you slap it, you bite it, and you shake it,”

“You’ve seen that?”

“Yep!” Lutz sighs. He often forgets that Tom is small and quiet, therefore easily missed.

“True but I only do those things to Mutti’s bottom and you shouldn’t just go after any bottom you see! You have to find your own special bottom like I did,”

“Yes Vati,” Lutz ruffled her head as he scampered off to his room. Lutz waltz into his bedroom with a very happy grin on his face.

“Katzchen! He has the ass gene! My sons are ass men!”

“Shut up Lutz!” her face was red, “And there’s NO such thing!”

“You jest but the greatest men are ass men! They go after the lovely design and shape of the covenant ass. The bounciness, the roundness, the perfect texture, and the slapping radius,”

“Hush! There’s no science to perversion!”

“You be surprised Katzchen. I can’t believe it! Today is a proud day for all Beilschmidt males,”

“All of this testosterone is going to kill me, or worst turn me into a pervert like you and Gil,”

“Nah, you can’t be the pervert…” he wraps her arms around her and kisses her cheek, “That’s my job,”

“And there’s no one better at it,” she cooed and touched his cheek. He kissed and nipped at her neck. She blushed, “And was hoping my poor Tom would be normal like his mother,” she said shaking her head in disappointment.

“Don’t fret Katzchen,” he pulled her down on top of him, “They’re perfect consignors of ass but when they find their perfect one like I did, they’ll be happy,” She couldn’t help but smile. Lutz then squeezed her thigh, “Though squeezing other things…”

“You think I’m going to let myself be fondled by you?” then she felt something stiff poke her back.

“Would you rather be poked instead, Katzchen…” Meanwhile, Franz and Tom were in their room. Franz was briefing his little brother on the art of ass and of course comparing the best ones.  

“I think Mutti’s bottom is really nice!” said Tom smiling.

“Mutti’s butt is awesome! I want to smack it!”

“Can we do that?!”

“Why should Vati have all the fun!”

“True but there’s another bottom I want to smack,”


“Mrs. Carriedo’s,”

“Who’s that?!”

“That nice lady who’s always talking to Opa when he picks us up! She eats a lot of churros and offers me some! And she’s really nice! She's the new Latin teacher!"

“I thought she was a man but with a butt like that…she can’t be! Okay! Tomorrow we’ll go after her then on to Mutti!”


Antonio was the newly appointed Latin teacher at the school. He taught that and a little Spanish to his students. He loved the little scamps. They had his green eyes shine and so much happiness bounce in his heart. They were so cute! He was just so happy to finally have a very calm, stable life in peace again, until everything settles down in Spain once again. He loved his little students a lot. They were so cute and sweet and just so loveable. When school was over, he cleaned up to prepare for the day. Today he finally decided to finally organize and straighten the bookshelf. He worked from the top and worked his way down. He whistled cheerfully, unaware of two pairs of eyes spying from the door.

"She's bending over!" Franz and Tom stared. They couldn't help but stare. It was just PERFECT. They never seen anything that just so glorious. It was so round and looked so firm. Tom wondered why she didn't wear skirts. He knew she'd look beautiful in them.

"I wish she'd wear a skirt," said Franz, "I bet her legs are beautiful!" Tom wasn't paying attention as he walked towards her. Antonio didn't even notice as he continued to organized the shelf. That was when he felt something smack his backside. He leapt up only to be pinched and fondled. He whipped around to see two boys looking at him. The smaller one looked at him with frightened purple eyes and the other one looked at him in shock.

"Y-You're a man?!"

"Of course I am mijo," he said

"You're bottom is amazing," said Tom entranced

"What's going on here?! I heard screaming!" Mrs. Stevens ran into the room and saw the two boys groping a smiling and embarrassed Mr. Carriedo, "Tom! Franz!"

“Mr. Carriedo, I am SO sorry,” said __________ holding both of her boys’ ears. They struggled in vain. She was immediately informed when she went to pick up the boys of what they’ve done. She immediately went to Mr. Carriedo to apologize with the boys.  

“Oh chica no worries! They didn’t hit me that hard!”

“They shouldn’t be hitting you at all!”

“But he was asking for it Mutti!” said Franz.

“It’s perfect Mutti!” __________ looked at her boys.

“What are you two talking about?! Mr. Carriedo, do you know what they’re talking about?”

“Please chica, call me Antonio, and well I think they’re talking about. They were very interested in my…backside,” ________ cheeks went red.

“You two are going to get it when we get home,” she said glaring at them. She looks at Antonio, “Please I insist that you come for supper this Friday so I can make this up to you,” he grinned.

“I’d be honored!” back at home, _________ yelled at her sons in a mixture of English and German and sent them to their room. The boys, however, had other plans. They waited a little while before going downstairs. ___________ was doing housework around the house. Franz eased downstairs. Tom followed. They knew they were treading on dangerous ground but they didn’t care. They wanted to see it. Once it was turned on, they couldn’t turn it off. Why did Vati get to have all the fun with Mutti? Tom played it safe but stayed close to his brother. ________ bent over to get something off the floor when she felt two hands squeezing her butt. The boys immediately regretted it when their mother turned. She had the scariest look on her face. In a swift motion, she grabbed them both and grabbed them and took them into their father’s study. Lutz looked up from his gun cleaning. __________ looked murderous.

“TALK. TO. THEM!” she explained what happened this afternoon. Lutz at the pair. Tom shrank. He didn’t want his Vati to be mad at him. Franz gulped.

“Leave us; I’ll talk to them,”

“You better,” she walked out the room.

“Okay you two, listen up, be lucky that your Mutti didn’t spank you until you couldn’t sit. Now, why in the hell are you two after your Latin’s teacher’s butt?”

"Vati, his bottom is AMAZING!" said Tom happily.

"I told him Vati, MEN CAN'T HAVE NICE BUTTS!"

"Then Mr. Carriedo must be a woman!" Lutz face palmed.

“Enough you two. But I will tell you two this: Your Mutti's bottom belongs to ME! No one touch, slap, pinch, or do anything to her bottom! The most you two can do is LOOK no touching, got that?!"

"Yes Vati,"

"The same goes with your teachers. Do not slap, hit, or anything to their bottoms, you will LOOK, glance, and stare but NO touching! Not until you two learn to restrain your urges will you appreciate the beauty of a bottom, got that?"

"Yes Vati,"

"Good, now, when Mr. Carriedo comes to dinner, I want you two to say you're sorry,"

"Yes Vati,"

"Good, also, if you do touch your Mutti's bottom purposely she will tan your little hides then send you to me and then I'll do it," they gulped. Franz was used to spankings, Tom wasn't. The next few days, __________ prepared for her little dinner. He was glad that Lutz talked to the boys, however, they started acting strangely. Now, she would catch them just staring at her for no apparent reason. Especially if she was wearing her work overalls.

"Mutti, you're cleaning the house today, right?" said Franz

“Yes sweetheart,”

“Can I help?”

“Of course you can,” Franz was more than happy to help his mother put things in the oven, scrubbing, and even wipe the windows. ________however, felt eyes on her backside all the time. She sighed. Hopefully puberty would change their urges for their mother’s butt. She wanted to kill Lutz right now but she knew she couldn’t. She could be mad at him. Especially since he DID talk to them about their behavior. Antonio soon arrived at six for dinner. ________ greeted him at the door. The boys were there and once again apologized.

“Mijos, it’s okay! No harm done!”

“But as consolation, you do have a nice rear-end sir,” said Tom

“For a guy,” said Franz. _______ face palmed. He ruffled their hair.

“You have two great sons, chica,”

“Thank you. They’re a handful but they keep me on my feet. Please make yourself at home! Lutz! Get down here!”

“Okay, okay!” Lutz stumbled down. The two men looked at each other for a few moments.

“This is Antonio Carriedo, the Latin teacher,”

“Latin…okay nice to er, meet you,”

“Same here my friend!” Antonio hugged Lutz tightly.

“Boy help me finish in the kitchen, okay?” they scampered after her. Lutz and Antonio were alone for a few minutes.

“So…this is where you’re hiding my amigo,” said Antonio

“Not hiding, living. Same as you,”

“I know, you have a lovely family,”  


“Does your wife know anything about your….past?”

“Everything, that’s why I married her, she knows I can’t go back to Germany…just yet. Especially when Feliciano and Kuro probably out for blood,”

“Feli more so than Kuro. You got out just in time,”

“I know and I bet they’re still fuckin’ pissed that I did in time,”

“You know it. You’re secret is safe with me. Besides, they’re still rebuilding their lost that war had cost them,”

“I appreciate it. I don’t want to have to leave anytime soon,” he looked up. He saw his son helping their mother in the kitchen. She was smiling and putting things on the table.

“She’s beautiful,”

“And could probably bring the German and Italian army to their knees or die trying,” Antonio laughed. Lutz smiled and stared at his family. He would never let anything happen to them. He would soon die to save them.

“Oh! Chica! I almost forgot!” Antonio stood up and walked to the kitchen, “I bought you’re a bottle of wine!”

“You didn’t have to sweetheart!” Lutz stared at his ass. Now he knew exactly what Tom meant…
I've been wanting to do this fic for a VERY long time. I am planning on making more of this series. The kids are too cute and Lutz being Vati is just too adorable. Enjoy and forgive the mistakes!

EDIT: Damn that Spaniard ass >< Seriously, it's the most perfect animated ass ever. Effing Spain and his hot ass. Okay that's out of my system.

I don't own you or Hetalia just the plot
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fioleeXever1 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
The endimg was hilarious 🍑 <- I honestly think this is a butt ( and Lutz's favourite emoji )
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LMAO! :icondragonlaugh:
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I like the ending. You ease into some serious stuff then BAM you hit with some good humor. Just perfection 👏🏻👏🏻
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
:bow: Thank you :bow: 
ShindaTheKitsune Featured By Owner Sep 6, 2015
Can't blame the boys for what they did to Spain's ass XD but boys need to leave their momma's butts alone
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
Right >< Sad thing all the Beilscmidts have that particular fetish >>
ShindaTheKitsune Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
XD and we've seen how much trouble they got in for it
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Now, the big question is, does he got the booty?


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Best. Story. EVER!!! Its amazing how you captured the essences of a perfect butt. The choice of words were amazing too! >w<
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Butts are a serious business in that family so but that there's a lot to go with choosing the best one :icondragonnod2:
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Damn it spain and your perfectly amazingly amazing arse.
I always knew Tom would end up gay-
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Everysingle one of the stories I've read that you wrote...I always have the strongest urge to press favorite....I'm still surprised my screen or the button isn't broken... Your just so talented ╮(╯▽╰)╭
FionnaNo2 Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2014
“You didn’t have to sweetheart!” Lutz stared at his ass. Now he knew exactly what Tom meant…

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Way too damn funny. Ass Gene? My gah Lutz... Your lucky your pretty.Mew Laughing Kao Emoji-27 (Laughing) [V2] 
hellokittyasdf Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
I bet everyone agrees with them when it comes to Antonio's but
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dat frantabulous ass
Miraclegirl14 Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2014
I loved reading this! :D

Also, trying to imagine him saying "He has the ass gene" seriously made me laugh so hard I cried. :D Well done friend. Well done. :3
16CleverTaunts Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
absolutely hilarious
kiyokoyotsukisan Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014   General Artist
i died at "Katzchen! he has the ass gene! my sons are ass men!" 
i was just like "good heavens. shush. shush your pretty german face. go sit down and think about your life. yes, love you too. yes i know my ass is glorious." then Spain showed up and i was just like "DAT MATADOR ASS"
IrysOpal Featured By Owner Edited Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Omg, Toni! xD I was dying when they started talking about "mrs" Carriedo!
my face hurts from grinning and laughing xD
RintehHetalian Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Lutz waltz into his bedroom with a very happy grin on his face. 

“Katzchen! He has the ass gene! My sons are ass men!”

“Shut up Lutz!” her face was red, “And there’s NO such thing!”

“You jest but the greatest men are ass men! They go after the lovely design and shape of the covenant ass. The bounciness, the roundness, the perfect texture, and the slapping radius,”

“Hush! There’s no science to perversion!”  

“You be surprised Katzchen. I can’t believe it! Today is a proud day for all Beilschmidt males,” 

“All of this testosterone is going to kill me, or worst turn me into a pervert like you and Gil,”  I couldn't stop laughing 
kawaiibunny4 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I turned really red reading this
Jasuchiiii Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014
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KariCarrideo-Vargas Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Student Filmographer
Once I see Antonio's name I facepalmed. I knew exactly what was going to happen and I agree with the kids and Lutz.
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I can't even explain how hard I laughed at this.
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X'D!!!!! I really need to calm mom's giving me weird looks...<3 it!!!
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I can proudly say: Like father, like sons:D
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