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Millicent got up and prepared for her day as she did every day since becoming the newest employee of the Phantomhive Household. She puts on her black and white maid uniform, combed and preened her black hair and began her day like every other day. She didn’t mind being a maid. It was good to be out of demon realm for awhile. Because her last charge was so rudely taken away from her, Sebastian was so kind to let her aid him until it was time for the great feasting. But until then, she was working as the second competent worker of the young master. Her duties included preparing excellent desserts for the young master, tailoring his fine clothing, and making sure everything ran smoothly in the absence of Sebastian or Ciel, and gathering information if needed. Her specialties in the kitchen were desserts, which was beneficial to Ciel’s sweet tooth, who often wanted something before bed or whenever the urge came.

“Millicent, for lunch I would like your pistachio mousse cake with chocolate ganache on top,” he said after breakfast. He was reading the newspaper.

“Of course young master,” she said

“And make it sweeter,”

“Of course, would you also like your afternoon tea with it as well?” the boy had a sweet tooth that she knew for certain. He also had an eye for fashion. She enjoyed making various outfits for the young master and a few for Lady Elizabeth when she came to call. She was in the process of making a matching outfit for them both for the upcoming ball that was being hosted by the Phantomhive manor, against Ciel’s best wishes.

“It’s inevitable my lord,” said Sebastian preparing him that morning for his lessons, especially when it’s more of a business ball,”

“Still, I hate balls,”

“Lady Elizabeth is going to be there, so you won’t be so left out,” said Millicent taking the final measures. Ciel sighs.

“She’s going to want me to dance with her,”

“You just need more practice and what better way than to dance,”

“Enough you two. I have a special task for you. I have spoken with Scotland Yard last night about the killings that’s been happening for the last few days. See to it that you follow up on any leads,” the pair exchanged glances. For the last few nights, people were being killed and not just in the average way like a stabbing or duel gone wrong, the people in question were all but mutilated almost beyond recognition granted their faces were still intact. So far, the police do not have any suspects and so far, the victims had nothing in common it would seem, “Sebastian, find out all you can about the attacks and meet back here immediately,”

“Yes my lord,”

“Millicent, find what you can but first bring tea to my study,”

“Yes my lord,”

Millicent headed back to her kitchen. She knew Sebastian would be searching all of London at this moment and this would give her enough time to prepare and serve the dessert before Ciel became antsy. Then she heard a loud explosion from the kitchen. She walked inside to see Bardroy covered in smoke and looking at the oven with a bemused grin.

“I’d thought that would have worked this time,”

“Please don’t tell me you tried that metal and meat trick again,”

“It worked once Millie!” he said grinning at her, “I’d thought I try doing it again!”

“Let’s not try that again, shall we? Thanks,”

“Don’t worry; I’ll have all finished in time for supper! I wrapped some meat in gunpowder shell and place in the oven to make it cook faster,” Millicent quickly grabbed the meat from the other oven and tossed it out the window. It exploded all over the ground with Bardroy staring at it, “Never did that before,” Millicent sighed and passed him a broom.

“Take care of it. The ball in tomorrow and the grounds have to be cleaned and trimmed,”

“MILLIE!!!! I think I did something bad!” Finny came running into the kitchen. Millicent stared at him. He was in tears and was holding what looked like to be a weed whacker.

“What is it Finnian?” he took her hand and pulled her outside to the aviary. It was a new addition to the Phantomhive manor where many exotic and common birds were being kept. When they arrived, the aviary was banged up pretty bad and all the birds inside were motionless and not moving.

“Did I kill them?! I’m so sorry if I did! I was trying to clean their cage but then there was a bee and I tried getting it so it wouldn’t hurt them and I banged around the cage until I found this and now the birds won’t move,”

“They’re in shock,” she said gently, “They’re not dead but be more careful in the future, birds are very sensitive,” she drapes a blanket over the aviary. Finny was still sobbing. She pats his head.

“There, there, just finish cleaning up. You’re okay,”

“You’re so kind!” he hugged her. Millicent cringed as he went on with his duties. She looked at her clock. Any moment now…


Millicent walked into the manor to be greeted to Mey-Rin hanging onto the shelf. She stared and came to the conclusion that Mey-Rin was trying to get crystal bowl from the shelf and lost her footing and was now hanging on before dear life. Millicent calmly walked over to her and caught her before she fell and then caught the falling punch bowl.

“Thank you Ma’am!”

“Please be more careful, Mey-Rin, are your glasses smudged again?”

“Yes ma’am but I can’t find my cloth anywhere!” Millicent gently took them off. She noticed many scratches and smudges. She took her cloth and started cleaning them in a fast and precise manner until the lenses were good as new, “WOW! They’re better than before! Thank you!”

“Just please stay clear of the kitchen. I have a dessert to finish for the young master,” Millicent finally found her way to the kitchen. She stared at the state of it and cleaned it up before starting on her cake. She then heard something rustling about.  

“Zelda, if you insist on hiding in the pantry make yourself useful and help me finish,” a young woman peeked from the door. She was a tall with yellow-green eyes, long brown hair, and wearing blue oval shaped glasses. She was wearing a blue business suit with a skirt, white shirt, and blue lapel. She grinned sheepishly at her and rubbed the back of her neck.

“Sorry! I had to make sure that the old lady didn’t see me and give me an assignment before lunch. Then that man came in and started blowing thing up! I barely managed to get out when Finny I think that’s what he’s called took my death scythe! Will-senpai would have had my head! Then I had to get that then I heard screaming and hid again! Want me to help?”

“Just pass me those pistachio bits and I’ll be finished,” she nodded and gave them to her. Millicent placed the last touches and went to deliver it to Ciel, “There are a few desserts on the table, help yourself,”

“Oh boy!”  Millicent came back short and finished cleaning the kitchen. Zelda was still eating happily.

“Enjoying yourself?”

“Very much so! Work’s been hectic that last few days and this is my happy time,”

“My dear Millicent, why is there a reaper in my kitchen?” Sebastian walked into the kitchen and spotted Zelda eating happily and oblivious to Sebastian’s presence.

“Union break, Sebastian. Apparently, reapers like eating here during their lunch breaks,”

“Hello!” said Zelda brightly at him. He nodded at her and pets her head fondly.

“They took you off your leash, haven’t they?”

“You’re so mean Seba-sensei,” she said smiling.

“Well, if you’re going to stay here, please be helpful,”

“Of course! I’ll do anything to get from the old lady for a while,” Millicent chuckled under her hand.

“You shouldn’t call your mentor an old woman,”

“Well, he is, he’s the most boorish old person I’ve ever met,”

“Well, since you are here, maybe you can help us with this little incident about people becoming slaughtered in the last few days,” Zelda looked at him. Milliecent passed her over her latest creation, a chocolate mousse cake with truffles and butter cream. The little reaper became serious.

“We don’t know anything either, unfortunately,” she said, “Whomever these persons are, they’ve been targeting and devouring souls right and left. Mr. William said that it was most likely the work of those parasitic scums of the earth called demons, his words not mine but I don’t think demons have anything to do with it. Demons don’t usually tear a body asunder when feasting. I think he’s upset because of all the overtime he has been doing,”

“What’s your theory on this?” she looks up.

“You want my opinion?”

“Considering you’re the only reaper who seems to be able to keep intelligent thoughts in your head,”

“Well…the way the souls are being just taken, it can’t be a demon, usually you nurture a soul before just eating it, the victims that were found were just hollowed shells than actual people,”

“What did their eyes look like?” said Millicent

“That’s the strange part! Usually when a person dies their eyes become all black and hallow, the people who were found all had white milky eyes and frightening,”

“Sounds like something happened to the souls before an actual soul stealing,” Millicent looked pensive for a few moments, “Did you notice anything else?”

“Only that all if not all were young and from noble families. I’d say the oldest was about fifteen and some duke,”

“Hmm…were they all British?” she shook her head.

“That’s just it! The nobles were all diplomats visiting from other countries. I was thinking about the Phantomhive ball tomorrow the reason all the nobles have been attacked.  But I’ve been buried in too much paperwork to give it anymore of a thought,”

“What does your reaper list states?” said Sebastian

“I can’t disclose that information but…tomorrow night, all of us in the London district are going to be out, new recruits and seniors alike and that can only mean there’s going to be a lot of people going to die,” he nodded slowly.

“Thank you for your cooperation, Zelda, you’re a lot easier to deal with than Grell,”

“Well, lecherous old women are always difficult and I’m always happy to help!”

“And eat my latest creations,” said Millicent clearing up her plates and knives.

“With my hours, it’s hard to get a decent dessert and this is the best!” The pair regaled their information to Ciel.

“It’s apparent that Scotland Yard shouldn’t be involved with this,” he said, “Especially since there is no doubt a supernatural explanation to all of this. The nobles were being attacked but there has to be a valid reason,”

“My lord, if I may,” said Millicent.

“Go on,”

“The attacks started last month, during a full moon. They continued for the rest of the month in a steady fashion, ending in this month and another full moon. This wouldn’t such an odd occurrence except for one thing, tomorrow night is going to be a lunar eclipse,”

“And what does that mean?”

“It will be the darkest night of the year, I think the killer is going to make his move taking advantage of the darkness,”

“Not to mention a lunar eclipse is also a time when strange happens usually happen,” said Sebastian, “It’s a phenomenon called lunacy. Anyone with an ounce of nobility will be an opened target and tomorrow, not knowing the darkness that will be taken place coming to the manor for the ball,” said Sebastian

“Right, I want you and Millicent to find this person and take them out before the eclipse ends, that’s an order,”

“Yes my lord,”

“Sebastian, prepare the manor for our guests. Millicent, I want you to escort Lady Elizabeth to my manor tomorrow. Leave tonight. Keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and both of you, make sure there’s not another attack,”

“Yes my lord,”

“Dismissed,” Millicent and Sebastian left the room.

“Reanimation?” said Millicent.

“Most likely. It’s the perfect time to commit such an act,” said Sebastian, “And whomever it is, they have a grudge against nobles,”

“Quite. And with that rising body count I would say about twenty of those creatures will be nobles and the rest experimentations,”

“Shall we make a wager of the body count?” Sebastian smirked.

“Loser babysits for the rest of the week,”

“Deal,” They exchanged glances for a few moments before parting ways. Millicent grinned and decided to step up her A game tomorrow. She didn’t feel like dealing with the three idiots for that long.

“It’s SO good to see you Millicent!” Millicent arrived at Elizabeth’s manor early that morning/ The young girl hugged the woman as soon as she knocked on the door, “You’re looking as cute and stunning as ever! How are you? Where’s Ciel? Did he send you?”

“Yes, because of all the recent attacks, he thought it would be your best interest if I escorted you there myself,” her eyes lit up.

“Really?! That’s so sweet of him! I can’t wait to go! I’ve been all over town trying to find the perfect dress for tonight I couldn’t find one! Maybe you can help! You’re the best when it comes to things like that!”

“Actually I took the liberty of making you a dress for tonight. It’s the manor waiting for your approval,” Lizzie smiled and hugged her tightly.

“You’re so sweet! Thank you so much!” Millicent spent the rest of the day taking care of Elizabeth’s every little need along with her maid, Paula. When it was time for the ball, Millicent decided to drive the carriage herself. She watched the young girl get into the carriage. She was so sweet and strong willed, the perfect young lady. She knew Sebastian had a taste for the strong willed but she loved the subtleness of a soul and preferred girl’s souls even more. She started her grooming process ages ago. She would love to devour Elizabeth’s soul but not now. She was still marinating as she would like think. When she was a bit older and more mature, her soul will ripen, making it into the perfect feast.

“Millicent, are you not cold up there?” she was snapped from her thoughts.

“I’m fine my lady. Please stay put and not worry. We have a long journey ahead of us,” Millicent took the reins and took the carriage towards the manor. She was careful to keep an eye on the moon. The eclipse was happening very soon. She was a bit worried. She never gave or missed a task but as long as that killer was out, everyone in danger. The darkness at least was going to keep the element of surprise on everyone’s side. Just as they approached, she stopped the carriage. There was strange eeriness in the air. She could smell dead flesh and that could only mean one thing, corpses but not the freshly dead ones. These were decomposed ones. She stopped the carriage. The town was complete and utter chaos. People were screaming as what looked like corpses grabbed, dragged, and pulled people from carriages and tried to get out people in the shops. Millicent stared, “Lady Elizabeth, please stay here while I take care of a few things,”

“What’s going on?” said Paula.

“Sit tight and please, do not under any circumstances leave this carriage,” Millicent calmly walked out of the carriage. She took out her sewing scissors. They were about two feet in length and her favorite weapon. She planted her feet and made quick work of the corpses. Soon they were coming left and right out of the woodwork. She sighed and took out her spool of thread. She jumped up and wrapped the corpses in her thread. She grinned and did another sweep with her trusty scissors. She kept a careful look at the moon. It was slowly starting to get dark. More and more corpses appeared. She went after a few more when she noticed two blades coming from out nowhere. She saw a silver, yellow, and pink blur slicing and stabbing her way through a cluster of corpses. Soon there was nothing but a small pile on the ground at her feet. Elizabeth went over to Millicent, sword still out, “Lady Elizabeth, I thought I told you to stay in the carriage,”

“I’m sorry but I cannot do that. I have to make sure Ciel is okay. And the quicker we get through this, the faster I can be sure he’s okay,”  

“Well, if you insist. Please keep close to me and when it starts to get dark, I’ll take you back to the carriage,” Millicent managed to keep her and Elizabeth out of harm’s way. She had to admit, her swordsmanship was not only flawless but it was exquisite. Elizabeth managed to not only keep the corpses away from the carriage but struck many of them down dead. Millicent used her scissors to cut through each effortlessly. Soon, the ground was littered with motionless bodies, “Not bad my lady,”

“We made such a mess! I hope none of it stains my dress,”

“It can always be fixed my dear,” said Millicent. Through the darkness, Millicent saw a bright light. She instinctively shielded Elizabeth from it. As the light shown, the corpses started to get it once again. When they were reanimated once again, the light shut off. The pair looked where the source of the light was coming here. There standing was a woman. She was thin, homely looking thing with dark eyes and blonde hair. She looked haggard, her clothes in tatters and dirty. She looked at Elizabeth with venom and hatred. She placed the device down and took out a large butcher knife. Without warning, she went at her with a large butcher knife. Millicent got between them and used her scissors to keep her back. She was strong for a human.

“Who are you and why are you about Lady Elizabeth?”

“My name is June and I’m not only after just her!” the woman pushed against Millicent and went after Elizabeth again only to be blocked again, “Her and her kind are filth! Privileged little brats you don’t deserve to live!”

“B-But I hadn’t done a thing to you!”

“Shut up! You’re just as spoiled and pampered as the rest! I wish you were dead!” Millicent quickly turned and saw more of the corpses behind Elizabeth. She drew her sword but even she knew there far too many for her to fight off. Millicent knew she could easily fight off the corpses but her primary duty was to keep Elizabeth safe until she was in the manor. She abandoned June and went and went after the corpses, leaving Elizabeth with the woman. She was holding her own very well. Millicent was almost finished with the corpses, using her scissors to cut and rip through them. Then she heard a yelp and a sword clanking. She turned. Elizabeth was holding the butcher knife between her hands, away from her face with another corpse sneaking from behind with a large knife. Millicent abandoned the corpses to aid her. She was far away but she knew she could use her needles if needed. She threw the thread at the corpse, wrapping it around its neck, dragging it back. June was distracted by the sight. This gave Elizabeth the opportunity to grab her sword and thrusts it into June’s chest. She looked at her. Elizabeth looked stunned at what she did. June took the sword and pulled it out. She laughed hard.

“You can’t kill me…I’m immortal! I can’t die! I killed too many like you in order not to die!”

“Actually your time is up, I’m afraid,” Millicent looked up and saw a familiar blue business suit and glasses, “I’m sorry but it’s really time for you to meet your Maker!” Zelda runs down the rooftop. Millicent grabbed Elizabeth and shielded her away from the sight. She watched as Zelda ran, tripped and dropped her death scythe. She proceeded to watch as Zelda’s weed whacker ricocheted off the wall, into another, hit the ground and right into a chest. Both stared as the June’s cinematic record exited her body.

“I do hope you know how to reverse this,” Zelda looked at her list and smiled with relief.

“I’m good actually! She really was on the list! Whoo! No overtime for me!” the pair stared at her cinematic strip. It showed a very tragic story of an abused soul. June lived her entire life as a maid for very cruel family. She was humiliated, beaten, harmed, everything in-between until a few enemies of the old family killed them off and freed the servants inside. However, this didn’t stop the horrible life she had. She became an apprentice to another man, who tested his firearms on her. In rage and anger, she killed him. Fleeing, she met another man. A scientist, by the name of Mr. Wilkes, who liked experimenting with human lives. In exchange for his silence and food and shelter, he had her kill and bring back the human to his lab for reanimation. The last conversation placed him waiting at the Phantomhive Manor. Zelda collected the soul into her scythe.

“Lady Elizabeth, are you okay?”

“I’m fine…what were those things?”

“Corpses, but that’s the least of our worries. We have to made sure they didn’t advance into town,” Millicent looked at the sky. The eclipse was almost over. She took Elizabeth back to the carriage. Paula was still inside, shaken but otherwise okay, “Well, now that you’re here, maybe you can help me get the one causing all of this trouble,”

“Way ahead of you! Besides, I have to do some more reaping while I’m at it. Believe it or not, most of these corpses still have their souls intact,”

“I’m sure Sebastian is clearing up the rest of this,” The closer their reached the manor, the higher the concentration of the corpses. Zelda soon took to her duty and took out the ones on her list. Soon they were in the middle of pure chaos. But luckily, the darkness had completely taken over and hid the horror and carnage to an average human. Millicent decided to search for the mysterious scientist in the cinematic strip.

“Be careful Millie, there are a lot of scythes about and it’s still dark,” suddenly Zelda pulled her back, “MILLIE! WATCH OUT! The old lady is coming for you!”

“And just who do you think you are calling me old?!” Grell glared at Zelda who grinned at him sweetly, “You little brat!”

“It’s so dark, I couldn’t see Grell. I just smelt ointment and disappointment,”

“You take that back!”

“You’re finally here, Millicent,” Sebastian dropped down in front of her, “I’m in need of your services,”

“Oh Bassy, maybe I can be of some service!”

“He needs someone who won’t break their hips in the line of duty, Grandma,”

“Why you insufferable little whelp!” Grell pulled at Zelda’s cheeks who batted him away and they fought back and forth.

“What do you want me to do?”

“I found our little puppet master but I need him to stop moving. I can’t get too close to him without a wave of corpses coming at me,”

“Okay,” Millicent took out her thread and looked around. She saw a man holding a strange device and hiding. She waited until Sebastian was close to him. The man looked up and raises the device. The corpses stopped and went towards him. Millicent used her thread to tie and wrap the man tightly in her thread. He dropped the device. Sebastian seized it and crushed it. The corpses stopped and fell where they stood. Sebastian grabbed the man.

“You must be Mr. Wilkes, the rumored scientist responsible for all of these murders. Thankfully, it’s almost the end of the eclipse. Sadly, your time on earth is over,”

“Hold it right there,” Sebastian appeared I demand that you relinquish that soul to me,” said William glaring at Sebastian, “He is to be disposed of properly and I will not have some demon defile it after this trying matter of what you and Young Phantomhive have caused. Now I want you to hand him over to a respectable reaper this instant,”

“You’re right, Mr. Spears,” said Sebastian smirking at him, “I should have a proper and respectable reaper take it from here,” Sebastian shoved Mr. Wilkes into the care of Zelda, “Do take care of it Zelda, his existence has caused us enough trouble for the day,”

“Sure Seba-sensei!” She raised her weed whacker at the man. He looked at her pleadingly, “I’m sorry but it might hurt a bit,” Zelda thrusts her whacker into the man’s chest as his cinematic record started to review in front of their eyes. The tale of Mr. Wilkes madness wasn’t much of a tragic one but a rogue scientist who thought that playing God was the only way to prove that anything supernatural could be prove with science, even the human soul. His sick experiments were to show and prove that the human soul could be studied. He was using the most privileged souls, believing they were not only the heaviest but the strongest because of their lives of wealth and youth. He was elated to know by using the magnetic powers of the moon, he can reanimate and use these corpses to do his bidding, the ones that June didn’t mutilate of course. However, in his final moments, meeting and seeing reapers and even a demon, drove him to a sense of madness that could only mean everything he knew was acutely wrong. He tried to run but soon realized he couldn’t delay his fate any longer. When everything was finished, she collected the soul safely. She turned to see Will looking at her coldly. She gulped.

“H-Hi Senpai,”

“You cannot let your personal feelings affect what and how you reap, Zelda,”

“I’m sorry, sir,” William glares but sighed patting her head.

“You’ll grow out of it but at least you took care of everything,”

“And stopped you from having overtime!” she piped.

“That too, you keep your scythe for another day,”


“Grell you’re demoted to scissors,”

“What?! Again?! Why!”

“Zelda is your charge and as her mentor your job to prevent her from being corrupted by demon filth and mind you the filthiest of them all,” he glared at Sebastian who smiled. Millicent however frowned at the comment.

“I resent that remark Mr. Spears,” she said icily. William coughed and adjusted his glasses.

“You’re the only exception to the rule Millicent,” the clock struck seven. Zelda’s eyes lit up.

“Whoo! End of the work day!”

“Humph, just like a child to leave her mess for others to clean it up,” said Grell.

“Please old lady, I cleaned my mess! Will-senpai told me always clean up,”


“And that bad dye job isn’t fooling anyone,”

“Quiet both of you before I demote you to desk duty. Now let’s clean this up,” said Will. Millicent went back to the carriage. She had to finish her other duty before the ball began.

“Millicent I simply ADORE this new dress!” Lizzie twirled in front of the mirror wearing her brand new green dress with white lace trim with. Ciel begrudgingly comes down in a similar fashion only without lace and sporting a mini top hat, “And I just LOVE how you made one for Ciel so we could match!”

“The pleasure is all mine, Lady Elizabeth. I took the liberty of making a scabbard for you swords if the need never rises and of course a matching parasol,” Lizzie hugged Millicent happily.

“You’re the best! Come on Ciel! We must dance! You promised!” Lizzie dragged him to the dance floor. Millicent watched with interest. Maybe with the right training and grooming and everything else in-between, Lizzie would make a delicious meal.

“I really hope you’re not thinking about taking the young master away from me, Millicent,” Sebastian said from behind her. Millicent chuckled.

“Perish the thought Sebastian; I wouldn’t just outright take something that another has worked hard for. Though Lady Elizabeth seems likes she’ll make just as good a feast as Lord Phantomhive,”

“She is a spirited one, I’ll give you that but waiting for the right moment and keeping her safe is the best method,”

“Right. Excuse me, I have dessert to finish preparing,” she went into the kitchen and puts on the finishing touches on her brand new creation, a chocolate mousse cake with a raspberry topping. She puts the larger one on a rolling tray and puts a smaller one on the table; “You can come out now,” Zelda peeks out from her cupboard. She spies the cake and happily trotted to it.

“You’re the best Millicent,”

“It’s the least I can do considering you were able to keep my little secret away from Lady Elizabeth,”


“Well, help yourself and I’ll be back shortly for your second course,” Millicent headed back to the party and finished her duty until that evening. Since demons didn’t sleep, she decided to visit the young master’s aviary where all the birds were kept. She relished the colors, the silent chirping, and the adorableness of them.

“Elegance and beauty are the only things to describe such a lovely creature,” she said petting a particular lovebird fondly; “I only wish we had these where I come from. So beautiful,” she then heard a noise from behind, “And if Mr. Spears could be so kind to stop spying like a thief, I can indulge him in whatever he wants,”  

“I knew there was no use in hiding from you,” William appeared from the shadows. The moonlight shone in his glasses, enhancing his green-yellow eyes.

“May I ask the reason for this audience,” William coughs.

“I just wanted to thank you for keeping Zelda out of trouble,”

“I did no such thing. She’s more than capable of taking care of herself. Though I have to admit, for a reaper, she’s very emotional,”

“Quite so, however, because of her recommendation from a well respected reaper, I had no choice but to give her a fair shot. She’s passed her exams and everything like a certain reaper I knew long ago. I just she doesn’t go AWOL,”

“It wasn’t AWOL, it was more, let me see how this immortality thing plays out as something other than a bringer of death,”

“And devouring souls are more better?”

“Quite tasty but seeing and serving until that glorious day is the true treasure,” they were both silent for a few moments.

“Always remember your glasses are at the office if you ever decide to pick them up. I’m sick of them cluttering up your mailbox,”

“I’d like to get them but demons aren’t exactly welcomed in a reaper’s den, right?” William turned. He adjusted his glasses with his pruner.

“Have a lovely evening, Millicent,”

“You too,” she waited until he left before smiling to herself. Full moons always made living creatures, even demons and reapers, crazy.
Okay this thing damned near KILLED me. :iconimdeadplz: This is a special request for :iconpinabear: This was the main reason I've been MIA for the last few days >< This is my FIRST Black Butler fic so please be gentle. She wanted a Black Butler fic with her OC! Charrie. This fic is extra long for an OC, why? Because I've known this chick for YEARS. In fact, she was the first who actually got me into writing fics a long time ago and actually pushed encouraged me to share my writing because before I was frankly shy about anything I wrote thinking it was all bad, piles of weirdness that I just happened to think about. So yeah, thank her for all of this >< I also added my OC to this, guess which one, I dare you. I may turn this into a reader insert but for now here it is n,n As always enjoy and forgive the mistakes and enjoy! 

I don't own you or Black Butler 
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LOL Yeah my OC is Zelda, Millicent belongs to my friend n,n 

I understand! OC and Reader Inserts are different. However, when I revamp this into a insert, the reader's hair, eyes, and name will be the readers so it'll be the same story only uniformed. I'm going to have change Zelda too ><
minchen0897 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014
Do what you like to do, i will read it anyway xD
SegaRocker21 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
Millicent....Millicent......Malificent O.O!
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
KuraiNatome Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow............ just, WOW............. this was amazing! ^^ well done!!!! :iconbravoplz:
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
Thanks! :icondragonglomp: I never wrote Black Butler before and I was hoping it came out okay >< 
KuraiNatome Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
you're welcome hun!!! and yes it was very good!
KuraiNatome Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
sakurateodoro Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
Kyaaa! It's beautiful! Millicent is a very charming character, I hope to read more of her sometime! Her background story sounds so cool~ :D I love Lizzy, she's so girly yet tough. :))) I must thank :iconpinabear: for getting you to post! I love your stories! 

pinabear Thank you so much for getting her to post her stories! :D xD
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
There's going to be one more to come :hug: I have another Millicent fic I have to do with her and Will. That's why I love Elizabeth. I wish they would have showed her toughness in the anime because she really is bad ass n,n 
sakurateodoro Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
Yay! :glomp:

Same here! In the anime she was cute, but meh. But in the manga, shoot! She was so cool! Loved it when she said what girls where made of and what she was made of! :)))
pinabear Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I LOVED ITTTT! Thank you so so much! Komari hugs Rin [V5] Squee! 
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
You better! You sucked the life out of me with this one :icondragonweepplz: And you're welcome n,n :icondragonglomp: 
pinabear Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You can handle it. :icondragonlick:
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
:icondragonteaplz: Yeah I know 
princess-snow-wolf Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
It was nice but there were a few places where I think you meant to say her or she but put him instead.
Also Grell is not an old lady he's a flamboyantly amazing (probably bi) dude. (I'm a Grell fan I understand that was probably just a kinda joke in the story, so I'm not really mad.)
Silver-KitsuneNeko Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
I went through and fixed them, thanks sweetheart. 
princess-snow-wolf Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
no problem glad I could help.
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